At The Virginia Pages, we are connecting local businesses and the local community.  Our systematic approach helps Local business owners increase their income, while consistently decreasing the hours they need to invest online.  You’re good at what you do, now let us help your business shine.

The Virginia Pages has one powerful objective — to get you the results you desire FASTER!

Join a team with the tools, proven systems and expertise, to build a functional and profitable online presence.

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Your Business Listing Includes:

  Custom Business Profile Page

   Links to your Website and Social Media

   Receive and Reply to Customer Reviews

   Simple Customer Contact Form

   List in Multiple Categories

   Showcase Special Offers & Promotions

    Classified Ads

    Community Articles

   Custom Coupons

   Event Listings

   Profile Optimised on Google SEO

   Local Support in Virginia

   Custom Graphics if required (extra charge)



Local Support Services

With so many different places to publish information, on so many different platforms, we have simplified your search into one reliable resource on The Virginia Pages.

Brand Awareness

A listing in The Virginia Pages is an ideal way to drive traffic to your website. Online listings build brand awareness and give exposure to products and services. Take a look at the six excellent ways it can benefit your business.

One Stop Shop

One-stop shop to access all of your business’ online content.  With a listing in The Virginia Pages, the information you are already creating on social media and the web, will be visible Live on your Business Profile.

Community News

This service, which is available now, connects the community by keeping everyone informed, about what’s on, local updates, business hours, club updates, and local activities.

When you join The Virginia Pages:

Immediate Impact - Existing Audience

Search engine optimisation
If you want customers to find you online, advertising in a business directory is a must. Google loves these little chunks of data called ‘backlinks.’ To you and me, that’s a link placed on another website taking the user straight to your business website. Search engines view businesses with lots of backlinks as credible and trustworthy sources of information.

Boost credibility and trust
A listing on a reputable directory, such as The Virginia Pages, is a sign of a trustworthy business. Most directories have an internal vetting process to check out businesses before they agree to promote them. If your chosen directory doesn’t operate this way, consider whether you’ll be in good company on their site.

When it comes to choosing a supplier, positive customer reviews could clinch the deal.  Positive customer feedback generates extra free marketing for you!

Attract More Customers

Increased visibility and awareness
A business listing can massively improve your chances of getting your brand in front of new clients. People who search business directories are looking for a product or service provider. These are warm contacts, prepared to buy. A business directory works like a business development manager. It champions your business, even when you’re asleep! To us, this means attending networking events and exhibitions to increase awareness of our members.

Make local business connections
Business directories build supportive communities. New and established businesses can connect with other companies in the area. You can find and interact with people offering complementary services. You’ll gain referrals and benefit from mutual support. This can be invaluable to freelancers and sole traders.

Always Searchable Online

Social media support
With over 2 billion active users on Facebook every month, it is by far the biggest social media platform. Add Instagram and LinkedIn to the mix and managing social media becomes time-consuming and expensive. If you are struggling to build a social media following, tapping into an existing audience can give your business a boost. Reputable directories, like the Virginia Pages, serve an audience and groups across social media platforms.




Be More, Do More, Have More Starting Today

Do the work you went into business to do and we will ensure you’re getting your business in front of an active audience.

Stronger Together
Marketing investment can be strengthened when we create a bigger brand together instead of competing with each other. A listing in The Virginia Pages Business Directory is a cost-effective way to build a presence in your local marketplace, connecting directly with an active audience.


Join a community of like-minded individuals who are taking action steps to achieve progressive goals.

Helen Rahill and Michaila O'Reilly

Our Mission

Welcome to the Virginia Pages. Created and maintained locally by digital marketing experts, Helen Rahill and Michaila O’Reilly. Our mission is to deliver a first-class solution which customers trust and rely on. From start-ups with big ideas, to professional enterprise-level organisations and platforms, Virginia Pages Directories’ goal is to save you time and money while maximising your business’ online exposure.

Our Promise

We promise to deliver an efficient site highlighting the very best Virginia has to offer.  We value our customers and listen to feedback in order to continually improve the Virginia Pages Directory platform and exceed expectations.  We pride ourselves on unmatched consistency and unparalleled support — two things that are sure to never change.


Imagine how a service like this could help your business. People can find your business 24 hours a day.

This unique local professional service will open your mind to all you are capable of doing, giving you the tools you need, the support and then empower you to DO it.

“Successful people make decisions very fast and change them very slowly if and when they change them at all” Napoleon Hill

Decide Right Now to Astonish Yourself

With what you can become. What you can do. What you can have. Start Thinking into Results and start moving from where you are in life to where you really Want to be

“You don’t lose awareness, you don’t get to pretend you don’t know there is a better way.
The changes you will experience will last forever.

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Join a team with the tools, proven systems and expertise, to build a functional and profitable online presence.

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